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Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

A digital project is a valuable source of information for those who learn the historic heritage of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic existed for 23 months during the years 1918-1920 and entered into the history as the first secular, democratic State in the Islamic East. 
The digital resource consists of 8 main sections and 21 subsections. The resource gives a detailed account of significant historical events happened on the eve of establishment of the Democratic Republic, as well as in a period of its existence.
The project provides extensive information about the establishment, activities, symbols and attributes, also founders of the ADR and reflects E-books, E-articles, maps and photo archive. The “Documents” section envisages Declaration of Independence, the Law on the Establishment of the Parliament, the Resolution on the Collapse of the ADR and orders, decisions, speeches and appeals relating to the ADR. The bibliographic descriptions of articles, books and abstracts are collected in chronological order in the “Bibliography” section.

Azərbaycan Demokratik Respublikası: Azərbaycan hökuməti: 1918-1920
  • Gənclik
  • 1990
К истории образования Нагорно-Карабахской автономной области Азербайджанской ССР: 1918-1925: документы и материалы
  • Азернешр
  • 1989
1920-ci ildə Azərbaycanda mülkədar torpaq sahibliyinin ləğvi
  • Azərbaycan SSR EA
  • 1962
Британский империализм в Баку и Персии: 1917-1918
  • Советский Кавказ
  • 1925
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