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This resource is compiled on the basis of materials included in the stock of Presidential Library about history, economy, culture and art of the city of Baku in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages. The resource consists of 10 chapters and 40 sections. Full texts of documents covering various periods of the history of Baku have also been added to the resource. Taking into consideration the users’ interest, photo and video gallery sections have been created in the resource as well.
Users can also benefit from the full texts of a large number of books, different newspaper and magazine articles on the resource.
All sections of the electronic resource are updated on a regular basis.
Рабочие Бакинского нефтепромышленного района
  • Петрович П.
  • Тип-я канц. Наместника Е.И.В. на Кавказе
  • 1911
Нефтяная промышленность и торговля зимой 1909-1910 года
  • Тип-я Трудъ Берладира
  • 1910
Основные вопросы местного самоуправления: земская реформа на Кавказе и в нефтепромышленном районе г. Баку
  • Семин Орест
  • Тип-я Трудъ Берладира
  • 1910
Забастовки бакинских нефтепромышленных рабочих в 1907 году
  • Тип-я Трудъ Берладира
  • 1908
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