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Independent Azerbaijan

The employees of the Presidential Library have prepared the e-resource titled “Independent Azerbaijan” consisting of 8 chapters. The first 4 chapters represent the history of statehood, the huge works done on protection and strengthening of the state independence and integration to the world community, democratic and legal statehood and the achievements succeeded throughout of these independent years as a result of the reforms implemented in social-economic field. The e-resource includes the documents about restoration of national symbols and basics of the formation of statehood as well. The readers are also offered the chronology of significant events happened before and after gaining the independence compiled by the employees of the Presidential Library.
The chapter “E-resources” represents electronic versions of the books and articles containing different areas of statehood. The chapter “Bibliography” offers the readers the bibliography of the books, newspapers and magazine articles, abstracts on various fields of the life of independent Azerbaijan available in Presidential Library stock. The chapter “Photo gallery” contains the pictorial review of various periods of Azerbaijan's historical past.
Азербайджанская нефть в политике мира: Кн.2
  • Алиев Ильхам Гейдар оглы
  • Изд-во Азербайджан
  • 1997
Государственные символы тюркоязычных стран: Азербайджан, Казахстан, Кыргызстан, Туркменистан, Турция, Узбекистан
  • Байрамов Автандил Рагим оглы, Каиргали Шолпан Негмет кызы, Назарбаева Айман Нурдильдаевна
  • Центр обучения и социальных технологий
  • 1997
ОИК: Армения признана агрессором
  • Шукуров Ибрагим
  • Изд-во Азербайджан
  • 1995
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